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Valve Parts, Pump Parts, Auto Parts, Marine Castings, Impeller Blades, Mines Wear-resistant Parts, Pipe Fittings, Polishig Parts, and so on.
Our turnover is forty million dollars last year. - Dana casting is reliable supplier!
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Investment Casting Supplier


Weight Range: 0.005 ~ 100kg
Maximum Outline Dimension: 600mm x 600mm x 600mm

Dana Casting Brief Introduction: Dana Casting produces a wide variety of high-grade precision castings and machined parts in stainless steel,heat-resistant steel,carbon steel,low alloy steel, high temperature alloys, nonferrous alloys and other materials,by means of the world's advanced technology--silicasol investment castings,precision machining and surface treatment etc.

Dana serves in a wide range of fields of automotive industry, fluid chemical machinery, marine equipment,food machinery,building hardware,heat treatment equipment, hydraulic pneumatic machinery,kitchen appliances,hardware tools,medical equipment, sports equipment,measuring equipment,instrument,and aerospace etc.

Dana's partial product display stainless steel castings
investment castings Stainless Steel Automobile Parts
Investment Casting Parts
Stainless Steel Automobile Parts
Stainless Steel Machinery Parts Precision Casting Parts
Stainless Steel Machinery Parts Precision Casting Parts
Precision Machinery Parts Precision Pipe Fittings
Precision Machinery Parts Precision Pipe Fittings
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