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Dana precision metal will help you invest in your future.

Our exceptional quality control, reasonable price and fine service have obtain the faith of our customers all over the world.

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DANA PRECISION METAL specializes in the production of valve parts, pump parts, auto parts, marine equipment castings, impeller blades, mines wear-resistant parts, pipe fittings, polishing parts etc stainless steel castings.

Weight Range: 0.005 ~ 100kg

Maximum Outline Dimension: 600mm x 600mm x 600mm

Investment Casting Supplier

We hope to make long good cooperation relationship with customers by our high quality products, circumspect service and very competitive prices.

We accept file format: PDF, IGS, STP, CAD, etc. format drawings.

Please send us your PDF and IGS or PDF and STP file drawings, then we can give you our best price quickly.

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